Zdrowie prokreacyjne jako zasadniczy kierunek troski o zdrowie rodziny.

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Ślizień-Kuczapska, E., Sys, D., Baranowska, B., & Czajkowski, K. (2017). Zdrowie prokreacyjne jako zasadniczy kierunek troski o zdrowie rodziny . Kwartalnik Naukowy Fides Et Ratio, 32(4), 88-112. Pobrano z https://fidesetratio.com.pl/ojs/index.php/FetR/article/view/615
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Procreation health should be distinguished from reproduction health. The main targets of these two options are directed in opposition, one means care about human fecundity and overall health status second means fertility control and prochoice attitudes. This difference leads to two main streams of governmental and institutional activity: promotion of health and fertility care to help with family building with respect to traditional values or promotion of free choice decision concerning sexual and reproductive behaviors with no respect to traditional values. Poland represents low birth rate with no substitutability of generations.  This article presents chosen elements of preconception, pre and postnatal care risen from home and supplemented by school, health care providers, dietitians, psychologists, fertility care teachers and family concealing centers. Children and mothers health depends on the proper preparation to rise family from the moment of conception. For the generations continuity is crucial to promote responsible parenthood, breastfeeding and overall health care concerning psychological and physical aspects.